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Secure Online Session


猎豹 vp n

猎豹 vp n

iHawk is our online portal for international students, scholars, employees and their sponsoring departments. iHawk is used for submitting requests and updates to the office of International Support Services (ISS). The following are the types of online services available for international students, scholars, & employees.

COVID Procedural Modifications

ISS is temporarily closed physically, but we are still operating remotely.  For any request or communication that tells you to come to ISS, please call ISS instead to make other arrangements.  If an appointment is necessary, you can request a virtual appointment through phone or Zoom by calling 785-864-3617.

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You must log in with your KU Online ID and password.

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  2. Submit requests for program extensions, reduced course load, letters of invitation, etc.;
  3. Update phone number, address, etc.;
  4. Access alerts and notes on file that require action.


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Limited services is used for scholars/employees before they arrive and receive their KU Online ID. You must have a TEMP ID number. These services include:

  1. Initial intake forms for new, incoming J-1 Scholars & H-1B Employees;
  2. Check-in forms for newly arrived J-1 Scholars.

Once you arrive at KU and have a KU Online ID, you should log in using full client services.

Limited Services

The following are additional services:

  • Anonymous Feedback (surveys, evaluations, etc)
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